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Italian Conversation Classes

Customized conversation classes

An espresso with italyes

If you fancy a quick informal chat

For each lesson we choose a conversation topic and we discuss about it. Prepare your coffee machine and share a virtual espresso with me.

Level: from pre-intermediate to advanced
30 minutes conversation


15€ 1 lesson
40€ 3 lesson

Let’s talk About italian

If you need to work on a specific topic

With this option you can customize your learning experience asking about a specific topic. Few days before the lesson you’ll receive an assignment based on your interests and we’ll discuss it during our lesson.

Level: ​from pre-intermediate to advanced
60 minutes conversation


25€ 1 lesson
65€ 3 lesson

Italian Culture Classes

Lively conversation classes about culture & lifestyle

Skills: Speaking/listening/vocabulary/culture/grammar
Level: Pre-intermediate -Intermediate – Advanced
60 minutes lesson + one assignment

Ricette per parlare

If you can’t resist Italian food

An unconventional Italian course based on the 12 yummy recipes of the textbook “Ricette per parlare”. And you can still practice your Italian cooking skill at home!

canta tu

If you dream to sing in the shower

For each lesson you’ll learn a new song and practice your listening, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Italian sounds better with music!

ciak, si studia

If you are passionate about Italian cinema & tv

Learn about Italian culture through an amazing journey through contemporary movies and tv series.

It costs

25€ 1 lesson + one assignment
65€ 3 lessons

Sì, Viaggiare

A suitcase ready for Italy

A course “per comunicare” when you are in Italy. “Si, Viaggiare” improves your speaking/listening skills and your personal dictionary.
(Ps: leave the grammar at home, for the moment)

Skills: Listening/ Speaking/ Culture /Vocabulary
Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. Not suitable for absolute beginners
60 minutes lesson + one assignment

Choose your topic

Greetings – Introduce yourself – At the airport – At the train station – Phone call –
At the hotel – Driving in Italy – Directions – Weather – Telling the date and time –
Sos pains and emergencies – On the mountain – On the beach – Shopping – Celebrations / Traditions / Superstitions – Cooking time – At the supermarket – At the restaurant – Breakfast in a coffee bar – Aperitivo Time – The real Italian (Idioms – Bad words – Gestures) – Must Read Books – Must See Movies – How to date in Italian style

It costs

30€ 1 lesson + one assignment
80€ 3 lessons

Happy Learners

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